Future Leaders of Audiology Student Conference (FLASC)

The  Louisiana Future Leaders of Audiology Student Conference (FLASC) is a student focused event that identifies student leaders in Audiology and serves to help them further develop their leadership skills.  It is designed to initiate, promote, and foster communication  among soon to be practicing professionals about where the profession came from, where we are currently in the healthcare landscape, where we would like to be, and how do we get there.  We discuss issues that affect us at the state and  national level and talk about what the roles of our state and our national organizations are. We explain how legislative change happens at each level, and what the costs are associated with it. 

Our first FLASC was hosted in NOLA and was a tremendous success!  Click here to read about it http://audiology.org/news/investing-autonomy-through-student-leadership.  The second FLASC was hosted in Austin, TX and built off the accomplishments of the first, and was the largest FLASC class!  Pictures coming soon!

During this conference, we talk about what leadership means in our field and the importance of volunteering, being vocal, and being active in Audiology organizations. When you don’t speak up, others from outside the profession of Audiology are more than happy to speak for you.  Putting yourself in a leadership role does not mean that everyone expects you to have a perfect knowledge of all the issues at hand and a plan at the ready to implement. People are hesitant to volunteer for leadership roles because they usually feel that there is someone more “qualified” than them to speak up.  Well, the truth is if that person exists, they usually don’t make themselves known so it is up to mere mortals like you and I to take on the task. 

If you are a student who has a passion for Audiology, feel that what we do is of value, and are willing to give a little of your time to advance our field, then you are the person we are looking for. With a little passion and a little time from a few people, we can get a tremendous amount of work done. You are investing a lot of time and a lot of money to become an Audiologist, invest a little more of your time and learn how to protect that investment for you, and those who come after you….and we will have a little fun (maybe a lot) while we do it!

The FLASC is sponsored by LAA and TAA and registration, hotel stay, and meals are provided. The conference is selective admission and the number of seats is limited. To be eligible to apply you must be a full time Au.D. student in good academic standing with your University, be a student member of LAA/TAA and AAA, and have a passion for Audiology.  Attendees will be announced in May and students can download the application here 2018 FLASC Application.