About Us

The Louisiana Academy of Audiology is a volunteer organization with a leadership that is nominated and elected by its membership.  The executive director is Steve Madix who can be emailed at [email protected] or by phone at 318-257-2066, and the assistant executive director is Courtney Stewart who can be emailed at [email protected].  Our goal is for every licensed Audiologist in Louisiana to be a member and attend our annual conference.

The Louisiana Academy of Audiology (LAA) was formed to keep Louisiana Audiologists connected, informed, and provide a collective voice for our profession. Many crucial issues are currently facing Audiology and the outcomes of these issues will significantly impact and shape the present and the future of Audiology. To ensure that our profession continues to have a significant and meaningful place in hearing healthcare, we must communicate our concerns among ourselves and to the public, both to our patients and legislative/governing bodies. We must be proactive and vocal advocates for our patients and our profession. Every Audiologist must be involved in this process for our profession to be successful and ensure its place as the recognized premier provider of hearing healthcare. Other organizations are presently promoting alternative delivery models of hearing testing and hearing instruments that do not include Audiologists, or the standards of practice that licensed audiologists must adhere to. How does this happen you may ask? It happens when professionals do not take notice and object to these practices that hurt our profession and our patients. It happens when professionals do not demand the discontinuation of these practices. It happens when professionals think that “others” in the profession will take care of these problems, that they don’t have enough time to get involved. Every Audiologist has to be a vocal advocate for our profession; our profession is too small to not include everyone. You have invested so much of your life to the practice of Audiology, now is the time to link arms with your colleagues and protect this investment.

To reach us, click the CONTACT US link on this page.  We don't have a physical location but we receive mail that is addressed to Louisiana Academy of Audiology, PO Box 311 Ruston, LA 71273