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Welcome New Members

Welcome to the new Louisiana Academy of Audiologists Site. Please stay tuned for our exciting updates and upcoming events. Thanks for stopping by. 

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Letter from the President

Dear Louisiana Audiologists,

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself and to thank you for being a part of LAA. I have been in the field for 15 years working full time as a clinical audiologist for a busy ENT practice and a clinical supervisor of Au.D. students. My husband and I have been married for 21 years and we have two daughters, ages 12 and 9. I tell you this so that you understand I am with you. I am with you fighting insurance, I am with you dealing with big box retailers and online sales, I am with you juggling home, family, work, church, ball practices…I am with you. I don’t have free time, I don’t have extra money to spend, and I don’t want my profession taken away from me. I don’t want anyone representing my profession that isn’t a practicing Audiologist!

For me this field isn’t just my job, it is my career and my passion. That is why I came on board with LAA (admittedly reluctantly) when Steve Madix told me of this grand idea to unite Louisiana Audiologist with one voice….their own voice. Why sit in my office and gripe about low reimbursement, manufactures undercutting us at Costco, poor patient care from unethical professionals, online retailers directing traffic to out of town offices and out of our pockets, when I could make an attempt to create a change? I knew one thing from all my years in healthcare…no one will make a change for you, but if they do, they will not do it like it should be done, it will be done to suit their interests.

Your membership in LAA tells legislators and other professional interests that you want a voice, that you are ready to take control of your profession. We commend you for this. Currently, LAA membership is at just over 100 professional members. That is approximately one third of licensed audiologist in the state of Louisiana. While this number is impressive when you consider other states and other professional organizations just in their third year, there are still many we need to reach. I challenge each of you to find a colleague who is not involved and tell them about LAA. May I suggest you start with the awesome and fun conference we have in New Orleans and the quality CE’s we offer from renowned speakers like Gus Mueller, Jay Hall, Doug Beck, Brad Stach, Ian Windmill, and Linda Hood. Tell them that we are the only professional Audiology organization in the state with a lobbyist. Let them know that this year we are planning a one day spring meeting that may or may not involve crawfish!

If you missed it at the conference, we are excited to announce that we have hired a lobbyist, Mr. Steven Dukes, to be our eyes and ears in the state legislature. Our primary focuses this year are insurance reimbursement and consistency from the insurance companies, as well as hearing instrument specialists expanding their scope of practice unchecked. We are also looking at Medicaid code reimbursement and online hearing aid sales.  Mr. Dukes understands our profession and we feel his firm is an excellent partnership for LAA. 

We all want to see LAA grow and evolve into an organization we can all be proud of, one that is working for us and making a difference. However, it takes your involvement to keep it alive and prospering. Please consider becoming actively involved with the board or in one of our working groups. Please invite a colleague who is not a member to become a member.  Now more than ever is not the time to sit back and let others outside the profession speak and act on your behalf.



Jerrilyn Frasier, Au.D., SLP/A

President, Louisiana Academy of Audiology

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